“Mãe, você não vai acreditar”.  (Mum, you won’t believe it).

This is Bia, my 11 year old. (Who still insists on speaking to me only in Portuguese, even when I only speak to her in English).

She has come to me with her eyes alive with intrigue as she has finished yet another short story on an incredible past leader. These books, a gift from her grandfather, are the ones that have really captured her heart and imagination.

“Did you know that Gandhi never responded with violence, even when horrible things happened to him? And Joan of Arc – she was practically my age when she knew she had to fight for France!! And Rosa Parks – she knew what was happening was wrong, so she kept sitting in that spot on the bus. She didn’t get up!”

Just writing this is giving me goosebumps.

She’s now starting to understand.

That your purpose can be unearthed at any age, at any time, and everyone has this potential.

The New Year is a natural moment for us all to reflect, to create goals for this next year, and to push ourselves in new ways.

A chance for new adventures and new experiences that will enrich our lives. And help us unearth our purpose.

But as we quickly settle into our usual routines, those ambitious plans and confident feelings can sometimes get lost. The stress of work and juggling families start to take over. Overwhelm and then imposter syndrome may start to creep in.

So as we start the year off.  Try to remember not to over-think things. Keep your focus on the big picture. The story you’re creating for yourself. And those long-term goals.

And keep alive that dream of continuing to make the impossible…possible….

A new year. A new you.

Let’s help you DO and BE more.

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