DSC03706Claire is currently working as a Senior Planner at Y&R Sydney. She divides her time between brand campaigns at George Patterson Y&R and retail & shopper marketing campaigns at Ideaworks Sydney.

After two years teaching English at a secondary school in the UK, Claire wanted to learn how communications can be used to affect positive social change. She was extremely grateful to be accepted onto the WPP Fellowship, and spent three years working across different disciplines at MEC Access in London, Added Value in New York and GPY&R in Sydney.

Over the last year, Claire has had the privilege of working with The School of St Yared on their digital engagement strategy, as part of a small team of WPP Fellows. She is ridiculously excited to have the opportunity, through TIE, to dedicate a whole month to helping them make their communications and fundraising strategy more sustainable.

Claire has a degree in English Literature & Language from Oxford University, and loves immersing herself in a good book. As her Dad was in the army, she moved around a lot growing up which has given her the travel bug for life. She’s happiest spending time with friends and family or exploring new places on her road bike.

You can read more about Claire’s project with St Yared here.