Nonprofits or Social Initiatives

Helping you
create an even
greater impact

We know how busy you are. And how stretched you are.

Money is tight. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Or enough people to get the job done.

But, you just keep going. You believe in what you do. You know it is making a real difference to your beneficiaries and the communities you serve.

Come hell or high water, you will do whatever it takes to make the work come to fruition.

Yet, you also know that if you had the right support, you could make an even bigger difference.

We may be just what you’ve been searching for.

By leveraging the expertise of several industries in the private sector, and understanding the biggest challenges that social initiatives face, we can find the specific support you need.

Be it communications, business development, strategic planning, or insights into different aspects of your work – we can help.

Our partners work with us because we get results.

We get them access to some of the very best leaders from major communications companies and networks, financial companies, law firms and the list goes on.

Together, we develop a bespoke project that meets your unique objectives and needs. We then select the perfect professional who will live and breath your organisation for a month. And we will accompany the project from beginning to end to ensure that whatever is developed gets the results you need.

But don’t take our word for it.

Check out the testimonial video above to hear what some of our partners have said about working with us.

Or have a look at the incredible results from the various campaigns run over the years with our partner organisations around the world. Just click on the partner logo and see just how powerful our placements can be.

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“The marketing help from TIE has been invaluable. One of our main products, The Maeve stove, which the launch campaign was organized with help from TIE, had sold 500 stoves up to the launch. The year after the event, Maeve sold 10,000 stoves and 4 years later we are close to reach 400,000 households. It seems that almost everyone in Malawi is now aware of the stove and its benefits.”


“TIE made 100% of an impact. It has been one of the most beneficial projects that the organisation has taken part in throughout our 8-year history.”

Founder & Artistic Director
Barefeet Theatre

“TIE has really helped to strengthen Gestos’ vision and has significantly impacted on the lives of the people within our organisation. The TIE placement really helped increase our self esteem as an organisation and has really helped our people be more open and better prepared to deal with different cultures: overall an outstanding experience for us.”

Co-Founder and Coordinator of Political Strategies




Questions that are
frequently asked
by nonprofits and
social initiatives

All of our TIE placements last a total of 30 days in country. We select a top professional from one of the best companies, networks or firms in the world and will place them to work with you to work on one of your biggest challenges.

We know that sounds like a short amount of time, but you’ll be surprised at what can be accomplished. And don’t forget – the process starts well before the person arrives. This provides them with enough time to get their head around the project, liaise with you and other stakeholders involved with the project, and ensures that when they arrive, they can hit the ground running. The professional will work with you and your team full time for the 30 days and by the end of the placement, you will have something that meets your and your teams needs and expectations.

  • There are a number of ways that we can help. Here are some of the ways you could benefit to get you thinking:


  • Advocacy – we can help increase the voices of target groups such as street children, people affected by HIV/Aids or people whose human rights have been violated;
  • Branding – we can help improve your brand identity and how you communicate your work;
  • Promotion – we can help raise the profile of your organisation, your stakeholders, your key messages and the programmes and services you offer;
  • Behaviour change – we can help create behaviour change messages;
  • Influence – on policy and pressure for government action;

Business development:

  • Business and strategic planning – we can help you think about long term sustainability planning for your organisation or help build new or adapt existing business models;
  • Sustainability – we can help you tap into invaluable expertise and insights to assist with strategic planning for improving your organization’s sustainability;
  • Research projects – we can create placements targeting very specific needs, like research pieces to map out the situation of your organization, the work you develop or situation of your beneficiaries. This would help illustrate what is happening on the ground and provide guidance for future action or for other partners supporting your work.

Other Benefits:

  • Growth in your capacity and managerial capability;
  • Better understanding of best practice from around the world;
  • Enhanced credibility both with your peers and in the wider international business arena;
  • Fresh perspective and new ways of thinking;
  • Exchange of new skills and learning;
  • The opportunity to build relationships with talented individuals and prestigious organisations;
  • Exposure to English-speaking professionals which will help with international communications;
  • Provide a crucial means of carrying messages from developing to developed countries promoting development awareness.

The expertise we offer to our partners does not command a fee, but we do look to them to contribute to the TIE process and support the professionals when in country. For example, we will ask our partners to provide accommodation and food for the duration of the placement, assist with airport pickup, provide internet access and ensure there is a primary contact person throughout the assignment to ensure success. This is important so that everyone buys in to the relationship and process.

Of course! Social initiatives that are for profit are just as welcome to get in touch. As long as your organisation has a strong social outcome, we’d be more than happy to have you on board.

It’s really easy to get started. You just need to get in touch. We will then explain everything you need to know about making things happen for you. And hurry! The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can get someone into your organisation.

If you have any further questions, you can find more answers at our FAQs or feel free to get in touch here.

Lets take this to the next level – today. Get in touch!