Grupo Ruas e Praças, a Brazilian NGO founded in 1988, promotes empowerment for children and adolescents living on the streets through an educational process based on street learning. GRP works to stimulate children’s self-determination, dreams and wishes, with a view of helping them construct a new life. GRP see art and culture as key elements in this educational process and hope their methodology is a reference for public policies towards children, adolescents and their families.

Over the years GRP’s methods have developed further, having acquiring a better structure and more professional character. Their political and pedagogical interference is now well recognized in Recife and the institution is one of the local references in the work towards children and adolescent’s rights.

The projects that GRP are involved with are diverse and far reaching – from music workshops with the British DJ Cliffy, pin hole photography projects, to the ‘new life’ projects carried out at Vida Nova, the organization’s rural farm. However, despite all of this, GRP has realized that their work is still quite unknown in several target groups. What they need now is to develop communication strategies that can raise awareness about their work within local society.