How can we move the gender divide conversation on without anger and defensiveness?

What truths need to be unearthed for that to be possible?

And then, once the lid has been lifted on these issues, what solutions can truly make a difference?

Today my long time super close friend Victoria Brooks is with us. And she has a love for things that matter.

Victoria is a strategist specialising in the development of stories that inspire environmental and social impact.

She has been featured in the Guardian for their famous piece on sexual harassment in the advertising industry in 2019, was named a Pitch 100 Superwoman in 2019 and was honoured as one of 30 industry inclusivity champions in the IPA’s inaugural list in 2020.

Today we will be talking about the power of truth as a force for change.

We’ll talk about her move from working with strategy and the environment to equality and inclusion.

And we hear about her work focused on closing the gender divide, and the ground-breaking solutions that she’s not only designed, but also implemented with tremendous success.

There is a lot here. But you will be smiling and inspired throughout.

So, throw on those running shoes or grab that cup of tea or coffee, and here is the incredible Victoria.

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It’s time. Let’s change things.