What does it take to walk away from a successful career in Investment banking?

Today I’m speaking with Vanessa Barboni Hallik, founder and CEO of Another Tomorrow, a woman’s sustainable fashion startup and what New York Times described as a ‘Brand as Ethically Minded as It Is Refined’.

When Vanessa suddenly became aware of the reality on the ground in the clothing industry, there was no turning back. She needed to challenge the system.

So, she created a clothing brand committed from the outset to sourcing responsibly grown, ethically manufactured materials, blending classic design with technology-enabled transparency, while building a platform for education, and advocacy and contributing to the circular economy.

In this episode, we talk about her early life and how it shaped where she’s at now.

We talk about the significant impact that the clothing industry has on the environment, on humans and on animals.

And then we talk about what Vanessa has done to respond to all of this.

So sit back. Relax. And grab that favourite beverage. Or throw on those running shoes. And enjoy this episode.

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Do check out Another Tomorrow here. And to sign the petition Vanessa talks about in the episode, you can find it here.

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