I think many people are feeling this. Around the world.

We have all seen the news.

We have either read the climate change report, or aware of what it covers off.

We are seeing the changing weather patterns: Forest fires, floods, non-stop rain, droughts. We are now all being affected in some way.

And as a result, we wonder – what can we do?  How can we be a part of making change? How can we do something, anything, to help? What innovative solutions need to be found to make things better?

I know that many of you reading this think like me – you can’t just sit back and accept that things need to be this way.

And I truly believe that WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Change IS possible. And WE are the change that we seek.

I think it’s often too easy in our jobs to drop into a formula and a rhythm and you can feel like you’re going around the block a bit.

It’s easy to feel constrained, perhaps stuck, and therefore it’s difficult to see how to contribute to making things better. You want to do more, you want to reach your full potential. But it’s hard to find the space or the opportunity to do that.

This is where TIE comes in.

We allow people to step out of the circuit, to find their own route, and you don’t have to deal with the hierarchy.

Nothing about TIE is theoretical or made up. It’s real. What we are doing has real implications and real value. In the real world.

We help people broaden their horizons, transform and grow by working as part of a small group with one of the world’s most impactful social initiatives.

Since 2007 we have been challenging professionals to use their personal and professional skills to deliver projects which improve outcomes and create long-lasting legacy benefits for some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.

You learn how to use empathy as your super-power to being the best version of yourself.

You learn how to step away from ‘siloed’ thought processes and approach problem solving from an entirely different perspective.

You’ll see how to work productively and collaboratively, often against the odds and in the most challenging of circumstances.

You will learn the transformational power of listening – and how to listen.

AND you will learn how you CAN change the world – and your workplace – using the personal and professional skills YOU have, and the ones you develop during the TIE programme.

The social cause is not only chosen because of the world.
But because it is the most challenging context to get the best out of you.

It really is that powerful.

If this resonates, there is no time like the present.

On September 20th we are kicking off another TIE Accelerator opportunity. Here you’ll be helping to provide a second chance at life for vulnerable youth in Malawi.

Chance for Change is restructuring their initiatives to engage with vulnerable young girls who have been impacted dramatically by the pandemic. This TIE Accelerator project will be adapting an already existing entrepreneurial skills programme and taking the learnings to help them create a similar structure and programme for these young women, which would ideally include the creation of a loan facility. Providing them with a chance for change.

If you come from a business background, financial background or communications background seriously consider finding out more. Check out tieaccelerator.com to see how the programme works or drop me a line and we can jump on a call.

It would be great to work with you.

It’s time. Let’s change things!