Philippa White

Philippa White

Founder & CEO

Philippa is the Founder and CEO of The International Exchange (TIE). An entrepreneur at heart, and fascinated by leadership development, purpose, and sustainability, she has made it her mission to see just what is possible when you connect private sector skills with the social sector to make change.

Born in South Africa and having grown up in Canada, Philippa has always prized her position as a global citizen. Following an exchange program in Thailand, she moved to the United Kingdom, where she worked in advertising.

In 2005, after deciding that those in the private sector not often able to access their fullest potential when it comes to being both successful members of their field and constructive members of their global community, Philippa moved to Brazil and launched TIE. TIE aims to unleash the truest potential of leaders through self-discovery and experiential learning in ways that also positively impacts communities around the world.

TIE’s clients are some of the world’s biggest companies from the communications and financial sectors, such as Leo Burnett and Bartle Bogle Hegarty, helping their people develop the vital competencies, innovative thinking, and confidence necessary to drive their companies into the future. As each year passes, customers and employees alike are more worried about the purpose of the corporation. TIE is helping companies and their leaders learn how to reach the societal and environmental demands of our age.

In direct response to the challenges posed by COVID-19 around the world in 2020, TIE went virtual, which has only added more opportunities to its offered portfolio. The TIE Accelerator programme, launched in August 2020, allows individuals with the opportunity to expand their horizons, push their boundaries and ultimately feel alive and adventurous again, whilst making the world a better place, without being sponsored by their companies.

Philippa is 43 years old and lives in Brazil with her 7 and 11-year-old daughters. They love to spend weekends hanging out in the Atlantic rainforest with friends or exploring local beaches. She also loves taking her 35kg German Shorthaired Pointer for a run in the countryside and when possible, spending time with her partner at the small shipyard as he finishes creating his new class of sailing vessel.