Yes, that’s right. 6.3 millions times the TIE Red Balloon ad has been seen. 33 days ago the Red Balloon human rights campaign (click here to view), a TIE campaign developed by Mark Dewings from WPP, MakPlan, MNDH and Atelie, went live on RedeTV! hitting multiple regions of Brazil.

The human rights network MNDH sent a letter to the RedeTV! Directors with human rights and social responsibility arguments, and with that got the approval to be on air without paying anything.

And now, 33 days later, the results of the campaign are incredible. The message is spreading quickly and although we currently just have the results for São Paulo, we know it’s being played in many other regions as well.

Here are the results of the first 33 campaign days in São Paulo.

* There have been 48 insertions on the RedeTV! SP network until now.

* The film was seen 6,3 million times


* The film was seen 3.8 million different people


Fonte: Ibope Planview – Grande São Paulo – 16/07 a 17/08/2010.