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VMLY&R are sending Susan Min on TIE in 2019. She’s going to Brazil!

Susan is an Account Director at VMLY&R NYC, whose advertising experience comprises work on a variety of brands ranging from CPG and household appliances to financial products and pro bono initiatives. She’s contributed to strategic rebranding efforts for Maytag and KitchenAid, multichannel product launches for laundry detergent, global positioning recommendations for AXA Equitable, and multiple integrated production projects with TV, print, digital, social, mobile, PR, promotional, experiential, event, research, and partnership components for State Farm.

Over the past few years, her efforts on Pepperidge Farm have spanned the company’s brand portfolio including Goldfish crackers, Milano cookies, and various Fresh + Frozen Bakery products, for which she’s launched several integrated campaigns that have both driven sales growth and garnered industry accolades [Effie, Reggie]. And more recently, her leadership for clients including KIND Snacks, Bumble Bee Seafoods, and AZEK Building Products has resulted in campaign launches across multiple media channels that elevate product messaging to strategically-targeted audiences. A student for life, this year she further enhanced her career development by completing the Squared Online / Google digital marketing leadership course, graduating at the top of her class with a Squared Distinction. From volunteering in Costa Rica during grade school to interning in London during college, Susan fostered an interest in other countries and cultures early on. She became fascinated with human – specifically consumer – behavior, leading her to an advertising internship through 4A’s MAIP, for which she was nominated as Intern of the Year. Susan will spend a month working with SomosProfessores helping to create an overarching communications strategy to help the organization reach its main stakeholders, increase their community of supporters (from individuals to organizations) and communicate their impact effectively. You can read more about her project here.
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VMLY&R are sending Albert Gentry on TIE in 2019. He’s going to Ghana!

Albert is currently an Account Supervisor at VMLY&R New York where he works on the Pfizer account. His past experience has allowed him to engage with various industries including telecommunications, CPG, and technology.

Albert was born in Boston and raised in Maryland—throughout his childhood he was exposed to new cultures via family travel. It was a trip to Costa Rica in the fifth grade that inspired him to gain fluency in the Spanish language, which he later realized through schooling and study abroad programs in Spain and Argentina.

Albert has a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Global Business Management from Babson College. He is extremely excited to fuse his business skills with his passion for culture and helping others.

Outside of work, Albert enjoys jazz, New York in the summertime, Netflix, and a good book.

Albert will spend a month working with the Mobility Foundation to help advocate for people with disabilities and for people living with HIV/AIDS in rural areas in Ghana, giving them the opportunity to improve their lives and contribute to their communities. You can read more about his project here.

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WPP is sending Mika Singh on TIE in 2019!

A citizen of the world, Malavika (Mika) has had the immense fortune of living and working across four continents and continues to be befuddled by the question “where are you from?” She is currently finishing her third and final rotation of the WPP Fellowship at Ogilvy Cape Town — strategizing how to sell beer and how to save elephants. She started the Fellowship at the media agency Maxus, as a communications planner on the regional APAC team. Masquerading as professional backpackers, the team lived out of suitcases, "on call" for their next pitch. An exciting introduction to the the world of advertising!

For her second rotation, Mika moved to Sydney where she joined the brand sponsorships team at VICE, connecting brands to millennial audiences with meaningful content. Working with clients like Airbnb, Google, Dropbox, and Suncorp, she unpacked the buzzword "content marketing" to tell, and sell, one of a kind stories.

No stranger to documentary filmmaking herself, Mika's roots lie in photography and filmmaking. She graduated with a BFA in Film & TV Production from the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City. She also briefly worked as a photographer for Singapore's #1 newspaper The Straits Times, had a stint editing video for BBC's educational department, and worked on the R&D team at Mastercard to innovate and produce priceless content.

Outside of advertising, you'll find Mika hanging off various cliff faces or wiping out in the surf as she explores her passion for rock climbing, the outdoors, and the general adrenaline of life.

She is going to spend a month in Mozambique working with the Marine Megafauna Foundation. There, she will help them develop a communication strategy to raise awareness of MMF MEGA Expeditions in order to raise much needed revenue to keep the organisation sustainable. You can read more about the project here.

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LV= is sending Cheryl Binnis on TIE in 2018. She’s going to Zambia!

Having started her career marketing children’s toys and vitamin supplements on the Boots the Chemists graduate marketing scheme, Cheryl moved into financial services 18 years ago. Based in what she fondly (and somewhat optimistically) refers to as ‘the British Riviera’ in Poole, she is Strategy and Customer Insight Director at LV=, the UK’s most recommended and most trusted insurer, best known for its vibrant green heart branding and caring customer service.

In her 10 years at LV=, she has worked in business strategy, research, marketing and operations, most recently leading on the marketing strategy for the UK’s first ever fully regulated robo-advice proposition, which is designed to make good quality financial advice accessible and affordable for more people.

Before life at LV=, she worked in the building society sector, where she managed the transaction process for two mergers, ensuring that the best interests of employees and members were represented throughout.

She has a degree in Modern Languages from Oxford University and an IFS financial advice qualification.

While numbers are clearly an integral part of her job, it’s working with people that Cheryl enjoys most, currently leading a team of 20 very talented individuals.

When not at her desk, you’re most likely to find Cheryl indulging her love of the ocean on a surfboard, paddle-board or kayak, or getting involved in a local beach clean. She also enjoys discovering new places and cultures, recently completing trips around Cuba, Colombia, Borneo, Lombok, Sri Lanka and Iceland.

She's going to spend a month in Zambia helping Barefeet Theatre bring their business strategy to the next level. You can learn more about this project here.

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WPP is sending Cameron Milne on TIE in 2018. He’s going to Brazil!

How has a young lad from rural England ended up working at VICE, one of the world’s ‘trendiest’ youth media companies?

Cameron's journey starts on his first WPP Fellowship rotation, in London, at Kantar, working on brand and business strategy. He was a researcher, delving deep into data, speaking to hundreds of ‘consumers’ (see: ‘people’), and he was a strategist, turning this information into effective business plans.

Next stop, Manhattan, at Wunderman, working on content strategy for Coca Cola, Microsoft, and eTrade. He helped to build websites, email campaigns, and B2B engagement approaches, all of which used new media to convey branded messages.

And now in Brooklyn, as a program manager, creating branded films, podcasts, and events for Google, Microsoft, and Callaway. He draws up legal contracts, draft film treatments, and oversee distribution plans.

Along the way, he's learned how to conceive an effective creative idea to a problem, and, most importantly, how to bring these ideas to life. He's (just about) found the balance between corporate professionalism and youthful optimism.

Cameron reads a lot of books (English Lit graduate), writes a lot of words (essays, letters, amateur poetry), believes in the power of community spirit in overcoming social ills, and wants to help bring simple technologies to communities who need them most. He can't wait to put his professional and personal experiences to good use on a placement with TIE.

Cameron is going to spend a month in Brazil working with Somos Professores to help them create a long term sustainability plan for the organization, with new strategies and an updated business model that will help them expand and thrive. Learn more about his project here.



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Work with The Kasiisi Project to help with the conservation of the Kibale National Park and support the education of more than 10,000 Ugandan children

The Kasiisi Project was founded in 1997 by Dr. Elizabeth Ross, to help with conservative efforts around the Kibale National Park, in rural western Uganda. The original idea was to work as a bridge between the research-based Kibale Chimpanzee Project and local community. Now, The Kasiisi Project works with several research groups in and around the park to target critical issues for the survival of the forest and support of the local population.

Kasiisi concentrates its efforts in improving education in Uganda, one school at a time. Kasiisi supports early childhood education, promotes environment and health education, provides daily school lunches, trains teachers, encourages literacy through libraries and computer usage, funds secondary school and college scholarships, and addresses the special needs of girls. Today 10,000 primary-school Ugandan children are supported by The Kasiisi Project.

At the end of 2013, Kasiisi hosted its first TIE placement. Hanne Haugen, from Wieden+Kennedy London, spent a month doing preliminary research and developed a general business and communications strategy for the Kasiisi Project. From a financial sustainability point of view, the Project Guesthouse and future tourist activities were agreed to be the primary focus. In 2016 Andrew Connolly from BBH created a brand for the guesthouse.

Now, Kasiisi needs to follow up on that strategy, targeting the marketing of the Project Guesthouse. They need to understand how to create tangible products and services that can be nicely packed and communicated to tourism agencies and tourists visiting the National Kibale Park. They want to become a reference in terms of sustainable tourism options around the park and to attract more tourists in order to have a steady stream of guests year-round and generate the income they need.

Amy Kilty from Wieden+Kennedy London is going to spend a month in Uganda working with Kasiisi. Stay tuned for updates!

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Wieden+Kennedy London is sending Amy Kilty on TIE in 2018. She’s going to Uganda!

Amy is an Account Director at Wieden + Kennedy London, where she has developed experimental OOH for Finland, hyper real content and TV for Sweden and launched several innovative new milks in the UK, all for Arla. Whilst doing this, she has also been a part of the W+Ked team, helping to keep the agency inspired by curating and hosting a series of talks and events where exceptional people are invited to come and talk about why and how they do what they do. In between all of this, Amy has also taken parental leave to raise two beautiful children.

Amy’s career in advertising began on the AMV BBDO Academy graduate scheme, where she cut her teeth on the Heinz UK and Clarks International accounts. She later went on to create campaigns for Pepsi Global, Aviva UK and Blackberry, whilst simultaneously co-running the Academy scheme that hired her, to help encourage the next generation to pick a career they'd love. However, Amy’s career didn’t actually start there.

Prior to this, Amy won a place on the coveted development internship at Endemol UK where she was tasked with coming up with original programme formats to be pitched to the big UK broadcasters. She stayed at Endemol for two years, working in the development team on a variety of programming ideas, including some very early exploration on branded content and programming, which piqued her interest - enough so to make the move into the advertising industry.

Amy graduated from Durham University with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy, a belief in the power of words and a desire to do something good with them. She is going to work with the Kasiisi Project in Uganda, helping them build a strategy for their Guesthouse in the Kibale National Park.

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Saatchi & Saatchi are sending Tom Fraser on TIE in 2018. He’s going to Mozambique!

Tom Fraser is currently an Account Director at Saatchi & Saatchi and has worked across multiple clients including HSBC, HomeAway and most recently helping lead the Asda account. Before entering the world of advertising, he studied Art at Chelsea College of Art and then went on to study Advertising & Marketing at Bournemouth University.

Following his studies, he worked at Val D’Isere ski resort for 6 months, but not before he organised and completed an ultra-marathon challenge to raise money for a spinal research charity. He and a friend ran 4 marathons in 4 days raising over £10,000 in the process!

Outside of work, sport is his true passion. It’s always been a big part of his life and he's played rugby, football and cricket for as long as he can remember. So, being offered an opportunity to work for an organisation that uses the power of sport as a means to educate and empower the youth of Mozambique is a challenge he cannot wait to start!

He is going to work with the Clarisse Machanguana Foundation (CMF) in Maputo, an organisation that creates opportunities for Mozambican youth, empowering them and strengthening their self-esteem through sports, education and health programs. There, he will help CMF design the national campaign ‘Anda Comigo’ that breaks stereotypes against HIV and empowers youth through education. Learn more about his project here.

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Updates from Malawi: Week 3

AK Parker is an Art Director from BBH London who is currently on TIE in Malawi. She’s working at Joshua Orphan & Community Care, a grassroots organization that supports community-driven programmes assisting HIV/Aids orphans, vulnerable children and their families in Blantyre. Since the first week of her placement, she has been sending her agency back home some updates on her experiences on the field - and they are awesome! It’s always exciting for us to get to know the everyday learnings and insights from our participants, so we thought you might enjoy them too.

It’s rainy season in Malawi, which means the mango trees, maize fields and mountains are green and lush.

It also means brilliant umbrellas. When the heavens opened on Saturday, I passed someone holding a big brolly saying: ‘I’M PROTECTED FROM DOOM'. That’s hilarious I thought. Then two days later, approaching my final week, I got the worst sick bug, combined with no running water, a rat in my kitchen, and loads to finish on the project. I wondered, just where I can get one of those umbrellas from.

That aside, the week before was great. I Finally met a chief, who was surprisingly ordinary and the child who had malaria was sitting up, making a good recovery.

I also was fortunate to be taken to the remaining schools, I was yet to visit, to complete my bank of imagery for the website and school books. The only blip there, was that my camera battery, due to the power cut the day before. But hey, who needs a camera when you are photographing schools!

I've learnt that because the teachers don’t have any resources, they use song and dance to teach (it’s not just the guy with the Harmonica). Which is fantastic for the kids in terms of fun, energy and memorability. I’m sure there is a lot our teachers, account people and agency presenters can learn from them.

However, some of the songs they are teaching, could do with an update. One of my more surreal moments, was sitting in a classroom hut (which was also being used as a family kitchen and dining room), listening to the teacher, Elizabeth, sing ‘Fly away Peter, come back Paul’ to children who don’t speak English. That combined with the prized book I found in the children’s section of Blantyre’s National Library, about the Diamond Jubilee, made me more determined to supply them with material around their own culture in their own language.

So I guess I get better give up on the idea of ever finding that umbrella and get on with it!

Tiwo nana!


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Updates from Malawi: Week 2

AK Parker is an Art Director from BBH London who is currently on TIE in Malawi. She’s working at Joshua Orphan & Community Care, a grassroots organization that supports community-driven programmes assisting HIV/Aids orphans, vulnerable children and their families in Blantyre. Since the first week of her placement, she has been sending her agency back home some updates on her experiences on the field - and they are awesome! It’s always exciting for us to get to know the everyday learnings and insights from our participants, so we thought you might enjoy them too.

1 mountain, 2 weeks, 3 cold showers and 4 power cuts later, things seem to be going pretty well.

I’ve written the story for the schools, set up an Instagram page for the charity, started planning the website, building a bank of photography, and climbed Mulanje mountain.

Most of the week was spent clinging on to the back of a truck, driving along treacherous roads to the rural villages, wondering what kind of health insurance I have. The point of the trips was to photograph and research the villages for the educational material I am producing, which was successful.

But I of course learnt a lot of other things along the way. The Maths teacher in Solomoni dances around stomping his feet playing the harmonica. The official Weather teacher wears a skirt covered in umbrellas. And the Chiefs don’t want to meet me. Who knew!?

The bad news is I have to rethink my colouring book of Village Chiefs idea, the good news is I’m no longer at risk of offending a Chief who could potentially cast a witchcraft spell over me. …I wonder if my health insurance covers ‘witchcraft’?

The hardest thing I can’t forget, was seeing a young child laying on the ground in the corner of a class with Malaria. The teacher’s said he would recover thanks to the medicine they got from the clinic which is miles away. Let’s hope he does and is dancing around the class with Mr Harmonica in no time.

Kids here love having their photo taken. When you show them the picture, they scream with laughter. I imagine they don’t see their reflection very often and certainly don’t have cameras or smart phones. Which leads on to the Instagram idea.

Charities are always showing the life of people they are helping from their own perspective. We want to reverse this and put the camera and power into the kid's hands, so they can show us life from their perspective.

Every time we meet the children, we give them a camera, teach them how to use it, and let them take the photos for our feed. Of course there are fingers over the lens and funny angles, but it’s leading to some really interesting images and the kids are learning at the same time. You can follow the Instagram feed here or search for 'joshuaorphanandcommunitycare'.

Finally, last week I introduced you to some of the wonderful kids names, this week it’s the shop signs. We’ve got Rashy Motors, Fish Connection, Praise Tailoring, 31 girls take away, 4 Way Shop and 3 Way Shop, (it’s a relief to know they have most ways covered). I also passed through a town called FOMO, with a FOMO Clinic, and Never Give Up Shop, which looked like it had closed down.

But best of all is ‘God Save us Tours’, who drive around town in a dilapidated old mini bus, with a wheel practically hanging off. I know which company I’m going with when I finish my project.

Love, AK

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