Keen to know how we can defeat global challenges such as climate change, pandemics, war, poverty, migration and extremism?

Today I speak with Simon Anholt, independent Policy Advisor who has worked with Presidents, Prime Ministers and Monarchs in 56 nations, helping them improve their economic, political and cultural engagements with the international community.

He’s a best-selling author, TED speaker – who has clocked over 10 million views,  and long time TIE mentor and friend.

In this episode we talk about his recently launched book The Good Country Equation. You’ll hear him explain the challenges facing humanity and the planet with unique clarity, and he provides new, informative, practical, and innovative solutions on how to build a better world.

We hear about cooperation and collaboration being a true beacon of hope. And we talk about what Globalisation 2.0 looks like.

You will see the world through different eyes after listening to this podcast.  And I have no doubt it will hook you to get a copy of his latest book, The Good Country Equation.

Which genuinely is a must read for anyone who cares about our shared future.

Here’s to working towards making things better for 2021 and beyond.

Have a listen and enjoy! And to learn more about The International Exchange (TIE) and our various programmes, click here.