China, Tiger Mums, rock bands and the Buddhist Calendar are just a handful of the many things Rob and I talk about on this episode.

Rob is a mischief-maker and passionately believes in culture, creativity and chaos.

He’s worked with names like NIKE, Virgin and Metallica at agencies including Cynic, Wieden+Kennedy and R/GA and has proudly been called an “asshole” by Lars Ulrich, Richard Branson and Dan Wieden.

I ask Rob what’s he’s done in his life that has perhaps raised some eyebrows, but that he’s most proud of.

He tells us his covid story. And shares the positive side that has come out of all of this for him, and for many others, he knows as well.

We hear how three African American women fundamentally changed his view on the world.

How being exposed to completely different cultures have shaped his life.

And he tells us the secret to being someone who is interesting, intriguing and successful.

Rob is such a breath of fresh air. You’ll love this episode.

So grab your favourite beverage, or throw on your running shoes, and have a listen.

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