Sometimes it’s good to get a little bit of Headspace.

And if anyone knows this, it’s Rich.

Rich co-founded Headspace, the meditation app that’s now in 190 countries and has 70 million users.

The story is pretty incredible.

Today Rich brings to life what the tipping point was to the start of this movement.

What was going on in his life before Headspace. How Rich and Andy met. And then the impact they’ve had on meditation globally.

Rich shares some really great insights, tips and advice on meditation.

He tells us what Andy taught him when they first met.

And then he tells me something that I had never thought about before when it comes to meditation, which was a real ah-ha moment for me.

We talk about the impact of Covid on Headspace.

And then Rich talks about what’s next.

This was a really heartfelt, open and incredibly honest conversation that I just didn’t want to end. I learned loads. And it was really great to reconnect with Rich after a good few years.

I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did. So please do have a listen, leave a review, rating and subscribe.

And if you’d like to get some Headspace, you can find out more about how to here.

So throw on those running shoes or grab your favourite drink, and get stuck in. This is a great chat that will certainly get you thinking!