Do more good
and still do
what you love

We know what it’s like.

To yearn for that sense of accomplishment, to have that raw desire to give back in some way, to want shake things up a bit. Be pushed. Think differently. Get out of your comfort zone.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to see things differently, on how to give back in some way, on where to meet like-minded people, or ways to be pushed and do amazing things, keep reading.

Here are our top free resources on how you can keep working in the industry you love, yet get more out of it.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

What do future leaders in the private sector and YOU have in common? Watch this short video and find out.

Change the world and still do what you love

Melissa Parsey, Group Planning Director from JWT New York, and TIE Alumnus, gives us the inside scoop on JWT’s global practice Ethos – The way that JWT globally realizes its commitment to communications with purpose. Click here if you’re looking for inspiration as to how you too can change the world and still do what you love.

6 places to go to be inspired

Knowing how helpful it is to get you thinking in a different way and meet like-minded people, here are some ideas of where you can go for a little bit of inspiration, make a difference and get you thinking in a slightly new way.

Leaving your desk job and skipping the country can increase your value

Sarah walker from Millward Brown talks to Marketing about the importance of innovative employee engagement programmes like TIE.

Inside the minds of the future leaders of the communications industry

What is it that drives people to challenge themselves, to want to shake things up a bit, to step out of their comfort zone? What are the future leaders of the communications industry thinking? What do they want out of their career? What are they yearning for? Click here to get into the heads of three of our TIE participants as they get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

The real power of the communications industry

If you ever question the real force that the communications industry can have on the world, click here for some incredibly powerful results from TIE projects created over the years for our non-profit and social enterprise partners. Click on the partner logo for the results you’re looking for.

From the horses mouth

Are you keen to know what happens when you unlock the power – and passion – of someone like you? Have a read of over 30 case studies from some of the future leaders of the industry.

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