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Do more good
and improve
your business

People hate companies that do evil.

The best talent loves working at places that do good.

And to stand out, companies need to deliver socially and environmentally.

So many reasons out there to do good, whilst improving the business and getting results.

But, did you know that success or failure in CSR today has a lot to do with how well companies engage and enable their people?

If this interests you, you’ve come to the right place.

We have seen, first hand, the brilliant things that can happen when top talent is inspired and motivated.

Here are our top free resources on how the commercial world is embracing this movement, developing their top talent, and making their mark on the planet:

Want to do more good and develop your top talent?

What do Jon Steel, Sir John Hegarty, Jeremy Bullmore and YOU have in common? Watch this short video and find out.

7 proven ways to get the most from your top talent

What is the best way to harness and then channel the energy of your innovators once they’ve been inspired? Once they’ve been injected with that horsepower to make change?
 Here are some key tips that ensure success after transformational experiences like TIE.

The real power of communications industry

If you ever question the real force that the communications industry can have on the world, click here for some incredibly powerful results from TIE projects created over the years for our non-profit and social enterprise partners. Click on the social client logo for the results you’re looking for.

Short-term sabbaticals can dramatically increase your employee’s value

Sarah walker from Millward Brown talks to Marketing about the importance of innovative employee engagement programmes like TIE.

Behind the scenes to the Glass Lion and See It Be It

Cannes Lions has created a couple of fantastic initiatives that provides the communications industry with an opportunity to seriously shake things up a bit. They are the Glass Lion and See It Be It. Initiatives that work to solve the gender imbalance in communications industry, and ideally start to redirect the way our society works, behaves and thinks moving forward. Here is a peek behind the scenes to the Glass Lion and See It Be It.

From the horses mouth

Are you keen to know what happens when you unlock the power – and passion – of your people? Have a read of over 30 case studies from some of the future leaders around the world.

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