This article, from the Harvard Business Review, is about how companies can operationalize new ideas and develop an “innovation engine”, by recognizing and supporting its “intrapreneurs”.

“To build your innovation engine, your firm must excel at operationalizing ideas from your energized people who are willing to do everything they can to fight off internal resistance without creating chaos. This is your bench of corporate innovators: your intrapreneurs […] Intrapreneurs can transform an organization more quickly and effectively than others because they are self‐motivated free thinkers, masters at navigating around bureaucratic and political inertia.”

At TIE, we are all about nurturing those future intrapreneurs. Our idea is that post a TIE placement, participants return with a horsepower, energy and wealth of new insights that can make a tremendous difference in any company. These people are the ones that push the industry forward – they often just needed that spark to kick start the process. But those companies that have these powerhouses in their offices need to ensure they know how to provide the proper change-friendly environment – otherwise they risk not only not getting the most out of their people, they risk possibly losing them for good .

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