The companies that we work with cover the fee. The companies also release their people to participate on the programme and cover associated costs such as travel and insurance.

TIE is a hands-on tailored programme that runs in total from about six to twelve months, depending on when the participant goes abroad. The participant is only out of the office during the intensive 30-day placement based in another country whilst they are working on their social project. They can fit the rest of the programme around their day jobs.

We have projects in South America, Africa, India, Europe and North America, and we’ll match the participant to the project that best fits their personal, professional and company objectives, ensuring a unique, tailored, mind blowing, and life altering experience every step of the way.

Every placement includes: needs identification of the organisations, a detailed proposal/brief, selection/matching, pre-training, placement development, coaching sessions, pre-departure support, in-country briefing, on site support, a mid assignment review, 360 evaluations, logistical support, and accommodation.

We don’t charge a fee to our nonprofit and social enterprise partners, but we do ask that they contribute to the process by providing accommodation and on-site support. This is important to ensure a successful experience and also so that everyone buys into the relationship and process.

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Yes. We’ve found that our placements, the process, and the overall outcomes are much greater and more impactful for everyone involved when we work with and support individuals through their employers. Working in this way allows us to build on peoples’ learning once they’re back in the workplace and unlock their true leadership potential. Feel free to give us a shout if you’re looking for suggestions for companies that support individual assignments.

We take leaders from a number of different industries, companies and disciplines. They can work in advertising, marketing, financial services, law, publishing, events, PR, creative services, design, planning, branding, digital, production….and the list goes on.

If they work in a company, and have the desire to move ahead in their role and at your business, use their skills in a completely new way, want to learn new insights and ways of working in a real-time business environment, want to make a difference with their skills and change the world in some way, then you should definitely consider them for TIE.

Get in touch and we’ll explain further!

We work with a host of different organizations around the world, and we are constantly on the look out for new organizations that inspire us. The range of causes that we support varies immensely from HIV/AIDS, education, human rights, children’s rights, ecology and the environment to street children and much more. In short, all of our projects fall under each one of the Sustainable Development Goals, which were launched in 2015.  It is our mission to move this agenda ahead through leadership development and collaboration. And the impact on each stakeholder that takes part is extraordinary. We match participants to a project that fits with their personal, professional and company objectives.

Yes, absolutely, to both of those questions. We’ve done just that with a couple of our clients and the results have been fantastic. We can also use our established network of nonprofit and social enterprise organisations around the world and match the participant to a project and organization that fits with their specific personal, professional and company objectives. It’s completely up to you.

We work closely with all of our clients to ensure the experience is tailored to their individual needs and that they are able to make an impact on the individual, your company, and the chosen organization, beneficiaries and local community. Do get in touch if you have a specific organization, project or strategy in mind.

Since we launched in 2007 we are proud to say that we have grown our partner organisation network to Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, India, across the continent of Africa, and we also have the odd project dotted around Europe and North America. We are always on the look out for new and exciting organizations and projects to support, and as a result the list is forever evolving. We do seriously consider the safety of our projects at all times so there are places that may not be appropriate. Do get in touch if you have a specific place in mind.

Placements in country last on average for a total of 30 days. We would suggest a person arrives a couple of days before the placement starts, and allow one day on the backend. TIE is an intensive programme that runs from about three to twelve months in total, depending on when the participant goes abroad, but the total time out of the company is limited to about 33 days.

We are also more than happy to tailor experiences to meet the needs of you and your people, so this time frame can also be flexible. If you have a specific development goal in mind, or a way that you would like to tailor the experience, please get in touch and we can discuss further.

Our projects run all year round. There is the necessary preparation that takes place before any project, so once TIE is launched at your company, and the person matched to their project, it’s best to allow about three months for preparation/training/coaching, and then they can go on TIE.

The relationships that we have with our core company clients and non-profit and social enterprise partners have been long-term and we pride ourselves on the fact that everyone benefits significantly after each placement. Our clients and partners alike keep working with us because the benefits that our programme brings to everyone involved can be measured and are clearly felt across their businesses and organisations.

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