When there is a hurricane, the first line of defence are the reefs.

But after a hurricane, then what? The reefs will of course be damaged, but who repairs them to ensure they recover as fast as possible, so they can continue to be that line of defence?

This is something I never thought about before this conversation.

Reef systems around the world are under threat.

Hurricanes are a major one. But there are many others.

And the MAR system, the biggest coral reef system in the Atlantic, faces some very real challenges.

On today’s episode I talk to Maria Gonzalez, the executive Director of the Mar Fund, a regional environmental fund established to support conservation efforts specifically in the MAR Ecoregion. Its mission is to drive regional funding and partnerships for the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of resources in the region.

Maria has been with the MAR Fund since it’s inception.

And Maria has lived through a lot.

We hear about the challenges that reefs around the world are facing.

And what the Mar Fund is doing to respond to them.

We then talk about the exciting project that TIE will be working on with the MAR Fund in early 2022.

This conversation will get you thinking.

We’ll talk about the power of sustainable business to save the region.

And how you can be a part of this movement.

Maria brings all of this to life for us on this chat. So sit back relax, and here is Maria.

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