There is a first time for everything.

And last month I was invited for my first ever podcast interview.

I’ll be honest – I was a bit nervous!

But Willem van der Horst, creator of Ice Cream for Everyone and previous Head of Strategy & Planning for WPP’s digital agency Possible in Singapore, was a great interviewer. And I thoroughly enjoyed our chat over Skype.

I hope you enjoy!


“After a successful career working with some of the best advertising agencies including Leo Burnett and BBH, Philippa created TIE in order to leverage the skills of professionals in the communications and marketing industry and put them to use for the benefit of non-profit organisations, often based in developing countries, and help them make a difference in the world.

We had a great conversation talking about Philippa’s background in South Africa and Canada, her studies in Bangkok and working in London. She now lives in the Northeast of Brazil, in Olinda, near Recife, and runs TIE from there.

Now her clients include some of the largest advertising agencies in the world including Network WPP, Wieden+Kennedy, Leo Burnett, BBH, and more. TIE also works with non-profit organisations in Brazil, Ghana, Malawi, India and more across causes as diverse as providing houses with fuel efficient stoves to taking care of re-inserting street children into society.”