In 10 days, on November 8th, Pip Hare will start her journey racing around the planet by boat. Non-stop.  Solo.

This is the Vendee Globe race.

It’s only open to a very few sailors, and this year only 33 sailors have qualified. Pip is one of them.

In the whole history of the race, only 87 sailors have finished it, and only 6 of them were women.

For Pip, this has been a 29-year journey to get here.

And there is still so much involved to finish the race.

What does it really entail?

What does she worry about?

If you’re looking to see where sheer focus and determination will get you, grab your favourite beverage or throw on your running shoes, and have a listen here.

This is an incredible story you don’t want to miss.

Follow Pip on her journey at her website Pip Hare Ocean Racing at or on Instagram @piphareoceanracing.