Tristan Ramsdale

Tristan Ramsdale



Company: WPP & Landor

NGO: Centro Escola Mangue

Host Comms. Company: Melhor Comunicação

Date: July 18, 2011

Location: Recife, Brazil

Summary of the project: I worked with an NGO in Recife to develop a campaign that highlights the importance of preserving the mangroves.

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Tristan is an Associate Director at Landor in New York where he leads a number of client relationships—helping to develop brands with ambition and purpose. He's been on TIE working with an NGO that promotes the sustainability of the mangroves in Recife through education and engagement within the local community. The objectives of his placement were to get a partner that shares the same values and can be linked to what CEM does; highlight the importance of what CEM does and how the target audience can engage in activities at the school; and simply just show that the mangroves are amazing. Tristan and the team at Melhor Comunicaçåo worked hard over the 30 days and launched the campaign on the final day of the placement. To learn more about Tristan click here. To learn more about his project, click here. And to check out more about what happened on his placement, read his blog here.