Trevor Gilley

Trevor Gilley



Company: Wieden+Kennedy NY

NGO: Hestian

Host Comms. Company:

Date: November 12, 2012

Location: Lilongwe

Summary of the project: I worked with Hestian in Malawi to promote fuel-efficient technologies and helped reduce carbon emissions one stove at a time.

Case Study





As Trevor puts it, ‘a person will only have a few opportunities in life that will change who they are as a person and how they view the world around them’. In November of 2012 Trevor set off to Malawi, Africa, to work with an organisation called Hestian, a small environmental business that was set up to tackle the climate challenge through the promotion of fuel-efficient technologies that meet specific needs of Malawians, in one of the most climate vulnerable countries in the world. The goal of these technologies is to reduce indoor cooking smoke, a leading cause of acute respiratory infection, decrease CO2 in the atmosphere and reduce the region’s dependency on unsustainable wood fuel consumption. They have developed three types of stoves ranging in sizes from household use to large scale agricultural applications. Trevor went out to Malawi to help Hestian create a campaign that made these more fuel efficient stoves sexy. They needed to get Malawians to want a new stove, get them to aspire to getting an improved stove and make the improved stove a status of prosperity and progress. It was a fantastic month, and the outcomes from this placement were quite incredible – on many levels. 10,000 stoves were ordered immediately following the TIE launch as well as buy in from the Malawi government. They even think the president of the country may get involved in some way in the future. But Trevor also benefitted hugely. ‘What I didn't expect was a new understanding of the hardships in the world and the confidence that in some small way we can all make a change. The clarity I got from Africa is that we are all part of a global community and we rely on each other for the sustainability of our environment.’ To learn more about the project, the results, and the overall campaign, click here. You’ll be happy you did.