Tiffany Sherrington

Tiffany Sherrington



Company: WPP & Mindshare

NGO: Iracambi

Host Comms. Company:

Date: June 1, 2009

Location: Serra do Brigadeiro, Brazil

Summary of the project: I created an easy, implementable brand and comms strategy for the Atlantic rainforest NGO Iracambi.

Case Study


Tiffany spent a month in the Atlantic rainforest working with the ecological NGO Iracambi. Iracambi’s mission is to work with the community to make the conservation of the rainforest more attractive than its destruction. They are based in Minas Gerais (a Brazilian State that’s the same size as Texas) and work to conserve the Atlantic Rainforest – an older and more bio-diverse rainforest than its Amazonian sister.

Tiffany worked with Iracambi for a month to help give them renewed focus, open the channels of internal communication and deliver them an easy implementable brand and comms strategy. After many sessions with the founders, interviews with past and present Iracambites, and lots of reading and research, Tiffany was able to articulate their story, define and develop their brand, and create a comms strategy and comms action plan. Not bad after only 4 weeks. And it wasn’t only Iracambi that benefitted. Tiffany also got an incredible amount out of her time with the NGO.

To learn more about the outcomes and understand what she and Iracambi got out of the placement click on the case study link.