Ronak Shah

Ronak Shah



Company: Octopus Group

NGO: ZigWay

Host Comms. Company:

Date: March 9, 2020

Location: Yangon, Myanmar

Summary of the project: "I spent a month in Yangon working with ZigWay to find partnerships to provide low-income households sustainably cheaper access to goods they essentially need, by aggregating their orders and buying those goods in bulk."

After graduating from the London School of Economics (LSE) with a degree in Economics, Ronak worked at HSBC for two years across sales, product development and technology. He then decided to move to a smaller company and found a role at Octopus, an entrepreneurial company which is all about tackling new problems in old industries, where he could get stuck into new projects and learn how to grow small organisations into bigger ones.

Ronak currently works at Octopus Group in the Growth & Innovations team, developing new financial technology products. Over the last 6 months Ronak was lucky to work on the acquisition of a new company and Ronak will be helping to build out their proposition to provide access to cheaper and more efficient financial service infrastructure. This involves thinking about the strategy, marketing and commercial proposition of the company, using technology to streamline the customer experience and data collection to improve the product.

Aside from his desk job, Ronak is working with Octopus to build technology for flexible financing allowing cashless donations to homelessness victims in the UK. In his free time Ronak enjoys making music, reading, martial arts and badminton.