Penny Brough

Penny Brough



Company: Wieden+Kennedy London

NGO: Plan

Host Comms. Company: Arcos Comunicação

Date: November 1, 2007

Location: Recife, Brazil

Summary of the project: I worked in Brazil developing communications to promote children's human rights...

Case Study



Penny spent a month in the Northeast of Brazil working with the organization Plan and the host agency Arcos. The original brief for the placement was to promote the ‘Communicating Children’s Rights’ project, a project run by the children from the local community Cabo. A secondary outcome was to give the children who had taken part in the programme a higher social standing within the municipality of Cabo. If these children, who had learnt so much from the programme, were looked on favourably by the community they would be able to effect change much more successfully.

This appeared on the face of it to be a very straightforward project. Penny thought they would be able to raise awareness of the scheme quite easily and believed it would be as simple as promoting it in the local schools within Cabo. This wasn’t the case. Penny found the placement challenging, but extremely rewarding at the same time. Penny made a tremendous difference to the organisation Plan and to the children involved with the many projects that Plan offers.

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