Niall Quinn

Niall Quinn



Company: Octopus Renewables

NGO: Marine Megafauna Foundation

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Location: Tofo, Mozambique

Summary of the project: Octopus Renewables are sending Niall Quinn on TIE in 2020. He's going to Mozambique!

Niall is currently a Portfolio Manager at Octopus Renewables, one of the largest investors of renewable energy in Europe. As part of this he manages a diverse portfolio of renewable assets cross various technologies and locations. His focus is on retail investor, every day people who entrust their savings to further the progress of the renewable industry whilst making stable low risk returns.

Born in rural Ireland, Niall arrived into the world of financial services by somewhat unconventional means. Having completed a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics at Queens University Belfast, Niall then perused a career in academia by completing a Doctorate in Theoretical Quantum Physics at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. In this he covered topics such as quantum computation, information theory, teleportation and invisibility.

In 2015, Niall moved to London to seek out a more tangible application of his skills, and he found this outlet through Octopus.

When he’s not working Niall enjoy horse-riding (with the occasional polo match), hiking, reading an eclectic range of books and city breaks in Europe with friends.