Natascha Vega-Pertuz

Natascha Vega-Pertuz



Company: Grey NY

NGO: The Womanity Foundation

Host Comms. Company:

Date: January 5, 2015

Location: Paris, France

Summary of the project: I spent two weeks in Paris developing a first time communications plan for the Womanity Award in their fight to address violence against women.

Case Study



Being a woman that was born in South America, Natascha saw very early on the hardships women encounter to keep up and accomplish their dreams. She realised this was especially true when women were prevented to achieve their true potential because of the place they were born, the colour of their skin or simply for being women. So this topic, more than any other, hits home and she always felt she had to do something about it.

When the opportunity to work with The Womanity Foundation through a TIE placement came, Natascha didn't think twice before applying.

A few months later she landed in Paris and was given a challenging task: to raise the profile of The Womanity Award.

The Award serves Womanity’s vision of a world where girls and women are able to engage in sustainable social progress for themselves and their communities as they realise their rights to live free from gender-based violence. It identifies powerful, evidence-based programs that are focused on fighting violence against women around the world and gives them the tools to replicate their models to other communities and realities.

Natascha took the task to another level and, after the 2 weeks placement in Paris, she engaged the whole agency back at home to continue the work.

If you want to learn more about the experience, grab a cup of tea and have a read of her case study. You'll be glad you did.