Micha Colombo

Micha Colombo



Company: WPP & Digit London

NGO: Grupo Ruas e Praças

Host Comms. Company: Inata

Date: April 5, 2010

Location: Recife, Brazil

Summary of the project: I worked in Recife developing communications to show that street children can have a future and that it is possible to help them.

Case Study




Micha spent a month in Recife, a city in the North East of Brazil, working to develop a communications campaign for the NGO Grupo Ruas e Praças (GRP), with their host agency INATA. GRP works to empower children & adolescents living on the streets of Recife through an educational process of street learning. They work to stimulate children’s self-determination, dreams & wishes, to help them construct a new life. The primary objective of Micha's placement was to create a campaign that gives visibility to the work GRP is doing with street children and adolescents and that stimulates donations. The placement was a tremendous success for absolutely everyone involved. To learn more about the placement check out Micha's case study and Micha's blog.