Jen Vladimirsky

Jen Vladimirsky



Company: Wieden+Kennedy NY

NGO: Iracambi

Host Comms. Company:

Date: 2015-10-05

Location: Serra do Brigadeiro, Brazil

Summary of the project: I spent a month at Iracambi in the Atlantic Forest organizing their Iracambi Strong education program, planning their communications and setting up a scholarship program for students.



TIE Placement

Jen Wladimirsky went to the Atlantic Forest in Brazil to work with Iracambi and create a strategy for their Iracambi Strong education program and setting up a scholarship program for students. Read Jen's case study here.

About Jen
Jen never meant to get into advertising. As the daughter of a former Mad Man and wife to a current one, it never seemed like something she wanted to do. Not really knowing what she wanted to be when she grew up, she studied Philosophy and the History of Math and Science at St. John's College and then got her Masters in Aesthetics and Art History from the University of Chicago. This very practical education landed her several jobs in Museums and publications, handling image rights and managing contracts for artists and authors. But something was missing.

She kept on searching for a job that would inspire her. She got production work on an indie film and a TV show and then was given an opportunity as a production intern at a small digital agency. And this is what stuck. The combination of working with creative people and new technologies, while doing what came naturally like organizing and planning, was the perfect fit.

Jen has been working at Wieden + Kennedy in New York for the last 2 years as a Senior Interactive Producer. Her main client is Delta, but she moonlights as needed across all of the brands. She produces all types of work from online videos to full website builds to interactive installations. She loves helping her colleagues and clients to understand new technologies and new ways of storytelling.