Anna Bradfield

Anna Bradfield



Company: WPP & JWT New York

NGO: Em Cena Arte e Cidadania

Host Comms. Company: Inata

Date: November 15, 2009

Location: Recife, Brazil

Summary of the project: I spent a month in Recife helping to raise awareness of Em Cena in the community where they work.

Case Study



Anna spent a month in Brazil working to develop a communications campaign for the NGO Em Cena Arte e Cidania (On Stage; Art & Citizenship) with their host agency INATA. The mission of Em Cena is to improve the education of children and teenagers through art education, humanities and culture in order to build a better world for all human beings. In Brazil, the majority of the population are guaranteed just minimum survival conditions. Formal education, still more art education, is pushed into the background – so the tools people need to change their lives are set aside. Em Cena’s mission is to provide Recife’s poorest children with these tools and an opportunity to improve their lives. The primary objective of Anna’s placement was to create a campaign to raise awareness of Em Cena in the community where they work and help all of the people understand what they do and what they offer. The placement was a tremendous success for absolutely everyone involved. To learn more about the placement check out Anna’s case study.