There is a lot going on at the moment isn’t there?

As we settle into 2022, there is a lot of talk about purpose.

The great resignation is also still hitting headlines, and many companies are feeling it.

At TIE, due to the application process, and the type of experience we offer people, we really do have some interesting reflections on the current state of the workforce and what is happening out there.

Due to the very personal nature of our work, we gain a pretty good understanding of how people are feeling, what people are looking for, what’s missing, and how things in general are evolving.

In today’s podcast I chat with Ines Vogeler, the brain behind TIE’s strategy. And we reflect on all of this.

For over 30 years, Ines worked at Leo Burnett as a global Strategic Planner. She interviewed people in their natural habitats all over the world to uncover the provocative nuggets that allowed others to understand people from the inside-out.

A few years ago I was so lucky to have captured the attention of Ines, and since then, she has been helping us hone our messaging.

Where TIE was strategically, even a few years ago, is very different to where we are now.

And we cover a lot in this conversation.

We talk about the power of community. What that means. And what happens when you manage to create that.

Ines talks to us about the power of following your instinct and what happens when you push yourself to do something before you’re ready.

We hear about the power of thinking differently and human brands.

And then we dive into us working together and how Ines helped us evolve our strategy. We talk about what was originally blinding us and what is happening now.

She also tells you why she thought I would never talk to her again – which I’m still, to this day, mortified by.

Ines is an absolute force. You’ll enjoy this one. So throw on those running shoes, or grab that favourite beverage, and here is Ines.

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It’s time. Let’s change things!