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Leo Burnett rebrands children’s charity in social initiative tie-up

Campaign, September 24, 2021.

Leo Burnett has reignited its partnership with The International Exchange (TIE), which links the world of commerce to social initiatives, to develop a new brand and video for the VIPLA Foundation, previously Save the Children India.

The charity rebrand will launch today (24 September) across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as on the VIPLA Foundation website. The organisation’s new brand identity comes with a new colour palette and tagline: “Grow, learn, flourish.”

The name change to VIPLA Foundation was already planned before the involvement of Leo Burnett and TIE.


An original approach to leadership training

Market Leader, Quarter 1, 2017.

Perhaps more than ever any other time in history, employees – especially Millenials – are looking for a more meaningful work experience. Conscious of environmental and other social issues as never before, they struggle with trying to do well but also to do good. This is a challenge to employers, who typically meet this need by supporting social values as a company or go further by allowing employees free time to work on charitable enterprises.

However, the job comes first and all good employers offer training in the required marketing skills and, to some extent,
leadership. But as all research in this area has shown, the best way of providing leadership training is to experience it in a real setting.


Why people and companies need to stand for more, Interview with Philippa White, MD, TIE

Hot Topics, November 8th 2016

Hot Topics Contributing HR Editor and former Kantar Millard Brown CHRO Karen Rivoire explores how people and businesses can learn from the approach being taken by Philippa White.


Podcast: Interview with Philippa White

Ice Cream for Everyone, Ep. 15, March 4th 2016

Philippa tells us about The International Exchange. After a successful career working with some of the best advertising agencies including Leo Burnett and BBH, Philippa created TIE in order to leverage the skills of professionals in the communications and marketing industry and put them to use for the benefit of non-profit organisations, often based in developing countries, and help them make a difference in the world.


Needed: A Jack of all trades and master of everything

Market Leader, Quarter 4, 2015

There was a time, not too long ago, when the people who ran advertising agencies had usually worked in such agencies for their entire careers. The same was true in PR, media, research, and design companies. Agency leaders tended to be lifers, who were masters of their discipline.

More than 20 years ago, Martin Sorrell (he was not yet Sir Martin) predicted that in the future, such people would be regarded as dinosaurs.


From Shoreditch to Uganda: advertising in a different context

The Guardian, March 27th 2014

What’s it like to swap an advertising job for a role at a non-profit education programme in Africa? Hanne Haugen tells her story.


Why quitting your job and skipping the country can increase your value

Campaign Live, January 24th 2014

Leaving your desk job is never easy, but if taking a sabbatical to work with an NGO in a foreign country means you come back a fresher, stronger marketer, then nothing should hold you back from the experience, writes Sarah Walker.


for the Media

Philippa White, Founder and CEO of The International Exchange. Click the image for the high-resolution file. And click here for Philippa’s bio.

About TIE

TIE believes in connecting the private sector with the social sector to make lasting change

We link future leaders from the commercial world with social initiatives across the globe and provide a unique platform that is a catalyst to exclusive Leadership Development, whilst creating endeavours that impact organisations, their beneficiaries and local communities.

We love that every professional comes away from our programme with a greater understanding of their purpose and what drives them in their work, seeing the true potential in their abilities, and feeling proud of their profession and the skills they have worked so hard to develop.

Since 2007 we have been developing conscious leaders who are shaping the future of their industries and companies and helping to find revolutionary solutions to some of the world’s most intractable problems.

Our goal is to create better leaders. Better companies. And a better world.

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