Today I talk with one of my closest and oldest friends, Liz. We’ve known each other since we were 2.

She is the Principal Landscape Architect of Public City, is super inspiring and doing some incredible things in Canada.

Here, we talk about diversity and inclusion in architecture. And much of what she talks about isn’t what you would expect.

We talk about how people toboggan in Winnipeg, where it’s completely flat. And why they won a prestigious award with this project.

A winter game that has become a national (and now international) phenomenon, which was invented by Liz and her team.

We talk about how you walk down the street in Winnipeg in the winter when it’s -40 Celsius (-65 degrees with the wind chill).

And she’ll get you thinking.

How do we contribute to social change with architecture?

What does diversity and inclusion look like in architecture?

What happens if the voices of minority groups aren’t included in big decisions that impact everyone in a city.

Super interesting architectural solutions that respond to Covid.

And so much more.

Grab a coffee or throw on those running shoes and get stuck in.

You’ll love this chat.