Happy new year! I do hope that you managed to wind down over the holidays and feel rested. I certainly managed to slow down, spend time with my girls, and hang out with friends in a socially distanced way over a glass of wine. Just perfect.

Getting back into the swing of things, I wanted to kick off the year with a podcast that I recorded with a very good friend and former house mate.

James helped me get hired into my first job in advertising, has been an advisor to TIE since 2009 and is the Chief Commercial Officer at the start up WhyBuy, the UK based business that helps people hire quality products and thereby own less.

We talk about so many things.

James Welch has lived and worked in 7 countries around the world. He reflects on that experience. We talk about living together, random things that happened, and the start of Shazam (and Chris Barton showing us this revolutionary music idea at a house party in London in 2001. He told us it would be big. He was clearly right!).

James questions me – which hasn’t happened on a podcast before (I quite liked it!).

And then he talks to us about WhyBuy, the business that thrives on less stuff.

As we start the new year and think about how we can all change little things in our behaviour to improve the planet we live on, I think WhyBuy is a wonderful thing to consider. I’m aware this isn’t necessarily available around the world, but the concept is genius. Find out how you can get better for less, and live with less clutter.

Oh, and if you would like to know more about WhyBuy check them out here. Rent, don’t buy!!