Keen to know the answer to solving any problem in the world?

You’ll find the answer in this episode.

Today I speak with Parul, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Shaishav, an NGO in India that fights for the rights of children. They just celebrated their 26th anniversary.

We learn about all of the incredible work they do.

The impact of TIE, BBH and Emma Johnston-Donne in 2017. And everything that came out of that experience.

We learn about the real challenges that India faces that you may not have known. What the real priorities of the country are. And aren’t.

And then we hear of the impact of Covid. You won’t believe what is happening. It’s shocking.

This episode is sobering. But we also hear of Parul’s hope.

So if you’re keen to get a glimpse into another world, grab a cup of tea, or put on those running shoes, and have a listen here.

Since recording this episode, we have some big news to share.

This week we kicked off another TIE Advisor programme, and this one will be supporting Parul and Shaishav Child Rights.

Paul Steggall from Manchester Square Partners and Shameem Sangha, from Rousseau, will be coming together over the next few months to use their leadership to impact the organisation. If you’d like to understand more about them and the project, you can click here.

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