How it works

This is how
TIE works

TIE places professionals from developed countries on short-term work placements with Nonprofits or Social Initiatives in the emerging world, to assist them with their various missions. We offer a complete service and are with the professional every single step of the way. To ensure they are well prepared for the challenge, there are several stages to the process. Click the items below to see how it works.

We spend a lot of time up front with the nonprofit or social initiative figuring out what their needs are and how we can work with them. It’s important for us to agree on very specific objectives because the professional is only on their placement for an average of 30 days and the time whizzes by.

Once we’ve decided what the needs of the project are, we begin selecting the right person for the job. We take leaders from a number of different industries, companies and disciplines. Obviously who is placed to work on a specific project and with a specific organisation varies each time depending on the kind of work involved. Mind you, as well as having the right professional skills, it is also important that they are a good fit with the social initiative and other stakeholders to ensure a good team dynamic.

Once the professional is selected, they will take part in a 1 hour coaching session with one of our Leadership Coaches. This is the opportunity for them to mentally and emotionally prepare for the placement, and to begin to look at the bigger picture of how to apply the insights they gain from the experience when they return.

Before the professional heads off to work with the Nonprofit or social initiative, it’s vitally important that he or she has a good understanding of how the development sector works. TIE provides training to help professionals better understand about the world of development and the many challenges they may face, both professionally and personally.

Before they head off, we have a chat with the candidate to run through our TIE survival guide, act as a support and discuss any concerns or questions they might have.

Most of our placement schemes also have an in-country briefing and preparation element to them. Here the professional learns more specifically about the country in which they will be working, about local development needs, more about the placement itself and all of the local stakeholders involved.

Our assignments currently last for an average of 30 days. The professional is based with the Nonprofit or social initiative and sometimes may share their time with other stakeholders involved in the project. And then it’s really over to the professional. We leave it up to them to manage their time and to figure out where they need to be and when. All parties have earlier agreed the predefined objective, but now is the time for theory to stop and the practice to kick in. Our task now is just to let them get on with it because this is where the magic happens…

After the first week of the placement we check in with everyone to make sure things are running smoothly. Hopefully everything is hunky dory, but we like to make sure we are on hand to iron out any wrinkles that may arise.

Towards the end of the placement TIE meets with all stakeholders separately to talk about how they felt the placement went. We sit down over a nice cup of coffee and give everyone the opportunity to tell us how they benefited, what they learned, and what could have been done differently. We also share some great stories from the month – it’s never dull!

The TIE experience doesn’t stop after the placement ends. Once back home, the professional is encouraged to meet up with the member of staff who sent them on the placement. Here they talk about their experiences, what they learned, how they benefited and what they accomplished.

Once the person returns from their TIE placement, they will take part in another 1 hour coaching session. This is an opportunity for the professional to think through and process their experience on TIE, figure out how they can maintain the positive emotions and energy gained during the experience, and how they can best channel their learnings moving forward.

Once again the professional is in the spotlight! TIE promotes opportunities back in the participant’s home city for them to raise awareness of the work they did. This can be in the form of a presentation to organisations back at home, to other people in development, or to people within the their industry or sector. Either way, it is an opportunity to promote development awareness and the issues facing people in the developing world so that more people in the professional’s home country have a better understanding of what is going on.

Once the placement is over we don’t forget about you. We hope that anyone who gets involved with TIE stays a part of the family. We want you to keep us updated on how you’re doing and how you think you have developed. We’ll also be expecting the pleasure of your company at any TIE events.