We have to cut emissions by half by 2030.

That’s what came out of the Cop26.

So, HOW are we going to do that? Where is that going to come from?

And more specifically, where is the tool to say we’re on track?

Who is monitoring this? And then the million-dollar question – are the box-ticking ESG strategies going to be enough?

In this podcast, I talk with Gabriela Herculano and Shaila Leekha, co-founders of iClima Earth, an impact green FinTech with one sole focus – to use capital markets to decarbonise the planet.

Gabi and Shaila are both Wharton MBA graduates, with over 45 years of professional experience between them in the finance and energy sectors. After meeting at GE Capital in London, they decided to join forces, and use their power to decarbonise the planet.

Today they talk to us about the journey of getting to where they are now and what they are doing to make real impact.

Gabi tells us of her time in Glasgow when she presented at the COP26… and they talk of their hope.

Keen to hear how capital markets can decarbonise the planet? How you can also be a part of this movement? And what is in store for the next 10 years? Have a listen.

If you’d like to check out iClima.Earth click on the link. If you would like to reach out to Gabi and Shaila they would also love to hear from you. Please reach them on LinkedIn on the links above.

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It’s time. Let’s change things!