Following the fall of the Saddam regime in Iraq, the first ever treatment centre for survivors of torture and war violence was opened in 2005.

The centre is called the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights and on Friday I spoke with Salah Ahmad, the Founder.

Salah is a child and family therapist from Iraq who, after experiencing flight and exile himself, has made it his mission to improve access to psychological assistance for victims of violence in Iraq and Syria.

Have you ever stopped to think how people work through the pain of terror, torture and war?

How accessible that type of support is?

And what happens if people aren’t treated?

Learn about the significant challenges the region faces.

But also hear of Salah’s hope.

I was truly inspired and moved by the stories.

No doubt you will be too.

So grab your favourite beverage, or throw on your running shoes, and then have a listen here.

And please do let me know what you think. I always love getting your feedback.

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