SEP Girls' Team taking instruction from Coach Maurice during KYFA Girls' Nation Wid eevent - Kisumu

What if some young people playing a game could solve some of the world’s problems? What if a game could bring smiles and these smiles could bring change?

This is the reality SEP is trying to achieve. The Society Empowerment Project was founded in 2005, by Festus Juma, in the town of Oyugis, Kenya. The idea was brilliantly simple: to use football as a tool to address key social issues, such as food insecurity, lack of education opportunities and of information on health issues.

SEP is a community-based organisation that seeks to empower the youth and promote community development in the rural town of Oyugis. To do so, SEP uses football to deliver important messages on the social issues the kids face. They are taught about the importance of education, gender equality, HIV prevention, nutrition, substance abuse. They are also taught how to work together to build change and lo lead the development into their community. All that whilst providing the kids with meaningful leisure activities, which SEP believes is essential for a healthy development.

A TIE campaign will help SEP to reach out to the local community and help them understand the importance of the project. Also, it will help and attract more local and international partners, raising awareness to the project and increasing its sustainability.