Ny niapinga 5For centuries, the world has systematically passed on poverty from generation to generation while neglecting the one group with the unique potential to break this cycle: adolescent girls.

Girl Effect was launched with a view to get the world to stop seeing girls as part of a global poverty problem and to see them instead as co-creators of new solutions. They work to create a ‘new normal’ for girls. A world in which girls are not held back from reaching their full potential: either by themselves, their families or their communities. A world in which girls can stay in school, get access to health services, get married and have children when they choose, realise their economic potential and their dreams.

Through the latest ideas in branding and technology, they’ve developed a new kind of brand. A brand that attracts, connects and empowers girls at scale and changes the way millions of people think, feel and act towards them.

In partnership with the UK Department for International Development (DFID) Girl Effect has created pioneering and innovative new media brands, including ‘Yegna’, a music driven drama and talk show in Ethiopia, and ‘Ni Nyampinga’, a magazine, radio and mobile brand in Rwanda. The content features characters and real-life role models who convey powerful messages on health, welfare, domestic violence and education. Through their engaging content and outreach, these brands provoke conversations about and among girls, so that they see themselves differently, improving their self-confidence and the perceptions their communities have of what they can achieve.

Girl Effect’s media brands break through the individual, cultural and social barriers that hold adolescent girls back. Rooted in local culture, their brands are designed to build trust and create change from within.

In Rwanda, their brand Ni Nyampinga was set up in November 2011. It was the first of its kind and currently reaches 48% of Rwandan girls.

From the very beginning, girls have been at the heart of the Ni Nyampinga branded media platform. Girls even named it. They took a traditional Kinyarwandan word describing the rite of passage for a girl to become a woman, and have given it new positive meaning. Ni Nyampinga means ‘the beautiful girl inside and out, the one who makes good decisions’.

As they move towards Ni Nyampinga’s 5th anniversary, Girl Effect is looking at how to build towards making Ni Nyampimga sustainable so its impact and resonance can continue long into the future. This TIE placement will help them make a plan for Ni Nyampinga’s journey towards sustainability, considering the variety of existing thinking and internal expertise, leaving them with doable initiatives towards this goal.