For generations private schools and universities have seen the value in keeping former students engaged after they graduate. These alumni have an affinity to the young people who study in the years after them and are a part of the same community. Future first believes that every school should benefit from an engaged alumni network, that can serve as inspirational role models for current student and help them to get more from their education.

At the heart of their programme is a database management system and other tools to help schools systematically engage with their former students at an affordable cost. After successfully establishing the program in the UK, Future First expanded their horizons. Since 2012, they have been working with 15 schools in Kenya. For 2015, their goal is to expand their model nation-wide and advocate with the government bodies for the inclusion of alumni networks as a critical element of the public school curriculum in Kenya.

This TIE campaign will help them raise awareness of the benefits of engaging alumni and the opportunity for former students to give back to their schools, contributing to inspire and support thousands of students in Kenya.