Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. It has high rates of HIV/AIDS, and therefore, many orphaned children. Unfortunately, many of them end up in the streets and commit petty crime to survive and feed their siblings. The result is an equally large number of children and adolescents in juvenile prisons, because the judiciary system doesn’t have any alternatives for minor offenders.

C4C is trying to change that reality by creating a rehabilitation centre that will empower these young offenders into taking control of their own future and becoming productive members of society. But the problem is bigger than that. Malawi does have good laws and a good judiciary system, but they lack money and infrastructure to enforce the law properly.

In 2020 they were able to continue functioning despite difficulties brought forth by the pandemic, to prepare their next steps and even venture in new areas of activity, as they saw the need to engage with vulnerable young girls in this time of need. They piloted a programme that works with girls trafficked into sex work, who had been abused at home, and forced into early marriage.

This TIE project will help them structure their new initiatives, strategizing on how to address the specific challenges brought by them, especially in light of societal changes due to the pandemic. This will help them structure the organisation to be even more responsive when working on their goals. To learn more, please get in touch.