Many people think that there are only two options in life.

Either do good and work for an NGO. OR do well and work in business.

As Gav puts it in his Do Lecture – what about And And.

I couldn’t agree more.

Today I get to interview Gav Thompson from the Do Lectures Podcast about being a corporate pirate.

Gav almost became an actor, was keen to get into a boy band at one point, but then worked in adland, and ended up going client-side, working as a CMO for one of the UK’s largest phone networks.

It was there that he realised something.

Here Gav and I talk about how you can change the machine from the inside. And he gives us some pretty incredible examples of how he managed to do just this, in the biggest phone network in the UK.

He talks to us about taking his skill-set, doing something that he wouldn’t have naturally done, and getting to a solution that impacted a load of people. It’s inspiring.

We also hear about being amazing despite….

We all know it’s not easy to make a difference. But here Gav shows us that it is possible, what is possible and just how impactful it can be.

So grab a coffee, or throw on those running shoes, and get stuck in.

And please, if what we talked about resonates, do get in touch. When have you been the pirate inside? If you’ve got some other examples for us, do let us know!