Last week I was interviewed by a class of children in Canada ranging from 6 – 11. It was probably one of my trickiest but also most inspiring interviews I’ve had to date.

I had to find a way to talk about what TIE does in really simple terms.

And why I started it.

That didn’t make them bored. Make them fidget. Or simply just have them wanting to go home.

So I started with why we do what we do.

I talked about the power of doing new things. That when you do that, you grow.

I also talked about the power of hanging out with different people.

That when you have friends that are unlike you, your life gets better. You learn new words. You try different food. You learn new ways of doing things.  You have more fun.

And, you become more empathetic. You start to really understand what other people are going through.

And I explained that everyone needs to have these types of experiences.

Children, and adults.

I went on to say that what TIE does is for adults, because as we get older, the more stuck we get.

I then explained how powerful it is when you connect two completely different worlds. People from very different places.

And that’s what TIE does.

We connect people who work in business with social projects around the world to create exciting change.

Helping these grown-ups be better people in lots of different ways.

And while doing that, helping make the world better for future generations.

It really is as simple as that.

To see these children lean into camera when I talked about other children around the world, their reality and what we do to help them was incredible.

But what was even more fascinating was what happened next.

Maya, my 6-year-old, came and sat on my lap at the end of the interview. I explained she speaks Portuguese as we are in Brazil.

And then a little boy who was quiet the entire time promptly ran to the camera, forgot that he was shy, and started talking to her in Portuguese.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

The UK has just announced Freedom Day.

Many countries around the world still don’t have access to the vaccine.

And until everyone has access to the vaccine, and takes it, the numbers will continue to go up.

Around the world.

We can’t forget, we are all connected.

Empathetic and responsible leadership is needed now more than ever.

TIE is a catalytic leadership development programme, and this is exactly what we help develop through every one of our leadership experiences.
It’s time. Let’s change things!