Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit network that intends to eliminate all kinds of inadequate housing in the world through affiliated NGOs that work in 93 countries. Habitat Brazil is one of them. It started its activities in 1992 and it’s been developing communities through dignified and accessible housing solutions for families of low income ever since.

In 17 years, it has built 3,440 houses in 7 states across Brazil. Their projects are not just about the provision of shelter but focus on the promotion of the human person, social assistance and benefits, development and community building through promoting and enforcing housing solutions to families in need of decent homes.

In 2006 Habitat Brazil successfully started working with the Graded School (a private school located in São Paulo). Since then they have established a partnership based on the school’s agenda that requires social focused extra-curriculum activities. Graded School students spend the entire school year organizing fundraising activities such as parties, concerts and rallies. In the summer, the students spend a week working on the Habitat project. In the past couple of years, 79 students have participated in the initiative, participating in the construction of 4 houses and ‘half’ a school.

The Graded School case study is a fantastic way to show other schools a good way to exercise solidarity and volunteerism in the education process. The aim of this placement is to create a campaign to help get more students and schools involved, to raise more funds, so more houses can be built and more families can be helped.