Where are you from? Where are you based? Where is your company based?

And then the million dollar question – Does any of this this actually matter?

Today I’m speaking with David Webster, and this is exactly what we’ll be talking about. What are people wanting? Where do people want to be? And does that have any impact on how we run a business or how people can do their job?

The power of human centric organisational culture design.

David was born in Milan, Italy, started his career in advertising in London in 2001, and he’s been living in Singapore since 2008 where he eventually led BBH as APAC MD, and worked with brands such as Nike, Netflix and Uber.

With a desire to change outdated working practices in the advertising industry and pioneer new, more sustainable ways of working, he co-founded The Carrot Collective in 2020, a global decentralised creative company that has been leading the development of new remote working practices focused on organisational culture and life-work balance.

We’ll be talking about reinventing a 40-year-old industry, across very different parameters.

How they built an organisational culture that is based around people and not places.

We talk about the disciplines necessary to build a company that is human centric.

And then David get’s us to reflect on something. As a business owner, who is your customer?

There is a lot here.

So throw on those running shoes or grab that favourite beverage, and here is David.

And if you want to check out David’s TED talk you can find it here.

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It’s time. Let’s change things.