Virtual TIE Advisor

Develop high performing leaders and impact the world without employees spending time out of the office

With TIE’s virtual advisor programme, your employees can help lead solutions around the world.

In a current and post Covid-19 world, the most vulnerable places around the globe will be challenged.

TIE will link a high potential employee from your company with the Founders, CEO or Director of a social initiative in a developing country and provide an opportunity for skills transfer and idea generation that will impact the organisation, their beneficiaries and local communities.

The individual will develop a relationship with their main point of contact, and work with them a couple of hours a week for 3 months, helping them navigate their future strategies.

They will have to step out of their comfort zone, use their skills in a completely different environment, learn to think differently, balance different perspectives, learn to listen effectively, unlock insights and ask thoughtful questions in order to help find appropriate solutions posed by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working with social initiatives in this way creates a unique platform to develop high performing leaders. By addressing and solving fundamental social problems, your top talent becomes more self-aware of what makes them an inspirational and powerful leader. They become more self-conscious of their skills, creativity and resourcefulness to lead the change they dream to see in the world, and forces them to think differently, helping them come up with innovative ways to tackle challenges back in their day-jobs.

This is how it works

We offer a complete service and are with the professional every single step of the way. To ensure they are well prepared for the challenge, there are several stages to the process. Click the items below to see how it works.

Our Individual TIE Advisor opportunity is curated and personal. We will work with the participant and the social initiative to find the perfect project fit – ensuring that win-win.

To ensure a highly successful placement this bespoke virtual training with our highly experienced international development trainer, and accompanied by our Development training guide, will help private sector employees get under the skin of International Development.

At TIE we believe that successful leadership is empowered not only by self-knowledge of strengths and weakness but more importantly, by the clarity of the participant’s purpose and values. At this stage, participants will take part in a 1-hour coaching session with our Executive Coach. This is an opportunity for them to mentally and emotionally prepare for the experience, to clarify motivations, discover natural leadership styles and learn what nurtures or comes in the way of their leadership, preparing them to meet the challenge.

All of our placements have a briefing and preparation element to them. Here the professional will be introduced to their main point of contact at the organisation; will learn more about the organisation and about the current situation in the country that the organisation is based in; they will better understand the local development needs; and the roles, expectations and availability of their main point of contact.

This assignment will last for 3 months. The professional will work with the CEO, Director or Founder of the Organisation a few times a week over that time-period. And it’s really over to the professional and their point of contact to run the show. We leave it up to them to manage their time and to figure out when they will connect. All parties have earlier agreed the predefined objective, but now is the time for theory to stop and the practice to kick in. Our task now is just to let them get on with it because this is where the magic happens…

To ensure everything is running smoothly, we will have two check-ins during the 3 months. One is at the end of the first month. And the second at the end of the second month.

Towards the end of the placement TIE meets with all stakeholders separately to assess the process, the results and especially the leadership of the professional. The intention here is to understand how everyone benefited, what they learned, and what could have been done differently.

Here the individual will connect with their line managers, or talent team and share their learnings and how they will apply this new learning to their workplace.

The purpose of this coaching session is to help the participant sustain positive change for themselves and help them make an impact in their workplace. This is a chance to reflect on what they have learnt about themselves and how they have developed their professional and personal strengths. The professional will identify their purpose, and figure out how they can maintain the positive emotions and energy gained during the experience, and how they can best channel their learnings moving forward.

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