Virtual Team TIE

Experiential learning for top talent that develops teams and impacts the world.

We all need to look at the world in a different way, and rewrite what is possible.

In order for companies to have that competitive edge, they need to see things differently, come at problems from a different angle, and reassemble solutions that stimulate our imagination.

We create the leaders that businesses need today by using the tool of working with social initiatives in developing countries to unlock people’s potential.

This virtual programme runs for 6-weeks and requires a 10 – 15 hours a week work commitment. It is project based, and the team of 4-6 high potential employees will receive a custom brief that will help steer their work over the course of the programme. They will roll up their sleeves and virtually tackle the global challenge in a developing country, and work with local people from the organisation and other stakeholders to explore the challenges at hand and ensure an impactful experience for everyone involved.

Participants will have to step out of their comfort zone and silo, use their skills in a completely different environment, learn to think differently, balance different perspectives and develop network resilience by collaborating with colleagues more effectively in this new normal of working online and virtually. We will provide tools to help unlock insights, to improve understanding of others, to learn how to listen carefully to stakeholders that are well placed to inform, to learn how to ask better questions, and discover a leadership style that works for each individual.

Working with social initiatives in this way creates a unique platform to develop high performing leaders. By addressing and solving fundamental social problems, your top talent becomes more self-aware of what makes them an inspirational and powerful leader. They become more self-conscious of their skills, creativity and resourcefulness to lead the change they dream to see in the world, and forces them to think differently, helping them come up with innovative ways to tackle challenges back in their day-jobs.

This is how it works

We offer a complete service and are with the professional every single step of the way. To ensure they are well prepared for the challenge, there are several stages to the process. Click the items below to see how it works.

Participants will receive the brief, various resources and be introduced to the TIE process. A chance to think through questions they may have and prepare for the next stages of the TIE programme.

To ensure a highly successful placement this bespoke virtual training with our highly experienced international development trainer, and accompanied by our TIE Development training guide, will help private sector employees get under the skin of International Development.

At TIE we believe that successful leadership is empowered not only by self-knowledge of strengths and weakness, but more importantly, by the clarity of the participant’s purpose and values. At this stage, participants will take part in a team coaching session with our Leadership Coach. This is an opportunity for them to mentally and emotionally prepare for the placement, to clarify motivations, discover natural leadership styles and learn what nurtures or comes in the way of his/her leadership superpower, preparing him/her to meet the challenge. We will use a team styles analysis to help to understand each other, as well as apply a Team Charter. Through the session practical tools will be touched on to help participants get the most out of the team dynamic, more effectively manage the team, and align them towards a shared goal.

All of our placements have a briefing and preparation element to them. Here the team will be introduced to their main point of contact at the organisation; will learn more about the organisation and about the current situation in the country that the organisation is based in; they will better understand the local development needs; and the roles, expectations and availability of their main point(s) of contact. This is an opportunity for the participants to ask the questions they prepared, and for TIE to really hit home best practice of working virtually internationally.

This assignment will last for 6-weeks, and a 10 – 15 hours a week work commitment is required. The team will work with the Organisation and sometimes may share their time with other stakeholders involved in the project. And then it’s really over to the team to run the show. We leave it up to them to manage their time and to figure out when they will connect. All parties have earlier agreed the predefined objective, and a rough time-line, but now is the time for theory to stop and the practice to kick in. Our task now is just to let them get on with it because this is where the magic happens…

To ensure everything is running smoothly, we will have two check-ins during the 30 days. One is at the end of the third week. And the second at the end of the fourth week.

Towards the end of the placement TIE meets with all stakeholders to assess the process, the results and the leadership of the professionals. The intention here is to understand the outcomes, how everyone benefited, what they learned, and what could have been done differently.

Here the individuals will connect with their line managers, or talent team and share their learnings and how they will apply this new learning to their workplace.

This is a chance for everyone to reflect as a team and as individuals on the objectives of the programme in terms of leadership and team skills, what they have learnt, and on their professional and business objectives. The purpose of this coaching session is to help the participants sustain positive change for themselves and help them channel the impact in their business, roles and teams.

This final coaching session will take place three months after the participant’s TIE placement. The individuals will follow up on the team’s commitments, and ensure they are channelling the learnings back into their company. Here we help them increase their positive impact on others through implementing their conscious leadership and help build sustainable change within their company through increasing their spheres of influence.

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