The Power of Providing Full Cultural Immersion To Create High Performing Leaders

With TIE’s Immersive In-Country Leadership Development Programme, we connect the private sector with the social sector to create the leaders of tomorrow. Through bespoke 30-day immersive experiences in a developing country, TIE creates a unique platform where we are able to change perspectives and unlock people’s potential. Our goal is to unleash the full potential of future leaders through self-discovery and experiential learning, whilst assisting social initiatives with their various missions.

We place professionals in locations they’ve never been to before, working with people they’ve never worked with before, often speaking a language they’ve never spoken before. They have only a fraction of the budget they usually have to create something. And they don’t have access to their usual support team. However, they have an objective – which they must reach by the end of the placement.

By addressing and solving fundamental social problems TIE presents participants with the unique opportunity to rapidly develop cultural Intelligence and they become more confident and self-aware of what makes them inspirational and powerful leaders. They become more comfortable in ambiguous situations, learn to have courage in their convictions, and become less fearful of failure. At the same time, they develop a broader appreciation of diversity and an ability to collaborate in team situations. They learn how their professional expertise can make a real difference and develop a new appreciation and respect for their industry and skills, seeing how their abilities, creativity and resourcefulness can lead the change they dream to see in the world.

This is how it works

We offer a complete service and are with the professional every single step of the way. To ensure they are well prepared for the challenge, there are several stages to the process. Click the items below to see how it works.

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