Immersive TIE

The power of providing
full cultural immersion
to create
high performing leaders.

We connect the private sector with the social sector to create the leaders of tomorrow.

Through TIE’s bespoke 30-day Immersive Leadership Development Programme in a developing country, TIE creates a unique platform where we are able to change perspectives and unlock people’s potential. Our goal is to unleash the full potential of future leaders through self-discovery and experiential learning, whilst assisting social initiatives with their various missions.

We place professionals in locations they’ve never been to before, working with people they’ve never worked with before, often speaking a language they’ve never spoken before. They have only a fraction of the budget they usually have to create something. And they don’t have access to their usual support team. However, they have an objective – which they must reach by the end of the placement.

By addressing and solving fundamental social problems TIE presents participants with the unique opportunity to rapidly develop cultural Intelligence and they become more confident and self-aware of what makes them inspirational and powerful leaders. They become more comfortable in ambiguous situations, learn to have courage in their convictions, and become less fearful of failure. At the same time, they develop a broader appreciation of diversity and an ability to collaborate in team situations. They learn how their professional expertise can make a real difference and develop a new appreciation and respect for their industry and skills, seeing how their abilities, creativity and resourcefulness can lead the change they dream to see in the world.



This is how it works

We offer a complete service and are with the professional every single step of the way. To ensure they are well prepared for the challenge, there are several stages to the process. Click the items below to see how it works.

At TIE we believe in the power of using the social context to meaningfully challenge future leaders. We therefore spend a lot of time up front with the social initiative figuring out what their needs are and how we can work with them. It’s important for us to agree on very specific objectives because the professional is only on their placement for an average of 30 days and the time whizzes by.

Our Immersive TIE in-country opportunity is curated and personal. Once we’ve decided what the needs of the project are, we begin selecting the right person for the job. We take leaders from a number of different industries, companies and disciplines. Obviously, who is placed to work on a specific project and with a specific organisation varies each time depending on the kind of work involved. Mind you, as well as having the right professional skills, it is also important that they are a good fit with the social initiative and other stakeholders to ensure a good team dynamic.

At TIE we believe that successful leadership is empowered not only by self-knowledge of strengths and weakness, but more importantly, by the clarity of the participant’s purpose and values. At this stage, participants will take part in a 1-hour coaching session with our Leadership Coach. This is an opportunity for them to mentally and emotionally prepare for the placement, to clarify motivations, discover natural leadership styles and learn what nurtures or comes in the way of his/her leadership superpower, preparing him/her to meet the challenge.

To ensure a highly successful placement this bespoke virtual training with our highly experienced international development trainer, and accompanied by our Development training guide, will help private sector employees get under the skin of International Development.

Before they head off, we have a chat with the candidate to run through our TIE survival guide, act as a support and discuss any concerns or questions they might have.

Many of our NGO partners work on tight budgets and it’s often hard for them to make ends meet at the end of the month, so they can’t really afford new projects. That’s why we ask all of our participants to fundraise a minimum of £1000/$1400 prior to their placement, which will be the budget for their project. It’s also a great opportunity to raise awareness of the cause you’ll be supporting with your family, friends and colleagues.

All of our placements have a briefing and preparation element to them. Here the professional will be introduced to their main point of contact at the organisation; will learn more about the organisation and about the current situation in the country that they will be based; they will better understand the local development needs; and the roles, expectations and availability of all of the local stakeholders involved.

Isolated from what’s familiar, comfortable and controllable, professionals need to abandon their usual ‘reactive mode to pressing day-to-day to do lists’, leading from within to meet their challenge. Here’s when they truly understand and experience who they are as leaders and what betrays or advances their leadership. This process of understanding and exercising conscious leadership requires time, therefore our assignments last for an average of 30 days. The professional is based with the social initiative and sometimes may share their time with other stakeholders involved in the project. And then it’s really over to the professional. We leave it up to them to manage their time and to figure out where they need to be and when. All parties have earlier agreed the predefined objective, but now is the time for theory to stop and the practice to kick in. Our task now is just to let them get on with it because this is where the magic happens…

At TIE we are conscious of the stakes at hand, and therefore after the first week of the placement we check in with everyone to make sure things are running smoothly.

Towards the end of the placement TIE meets with all stakeholders separately to assess the process, the impact, the learnings, and especially the leadership of the professional. The intention here is for our leader to receive feedback and a better understand of the impact they had on the team and on the results. The Professional as well as the social initiative will be asked to fill a self-administered form which aims at helping them be more consciously aware of when, how, and why they were able or not able to nurture, and exercise their skills, values and purpose, as defined before coming arriving in country. This process also helps them define their TIE Leadership Persona, which should guide them as they move on in life and work.

In essence, TIE’s approach to leadership is about empowering leaders to become successful agents of change. In order for this to be possible, we need to dedicate as much attention and care on the last leg of our programme as the previous components. Therefore, we have created a follow up process which ensures that the onsite experience makes a definitive, actionable and long-term imprint on each leader’s future performance. Our intention is to keep their self-awareness vivid so that professionals don’t sell-out their leadership to circumstances and day-to-day pressures once they return to the normalcy of their work-life.

The first step to post placement reintegration is for the professional to meet with their office management and share the leadership experience, challenges, strategies and learnings as much as possible, and to talk through suggestions on how to bring their learnings into the mainstream of the company.

The journey of self-discovery ends officially at this time. TIE’s programme has led professionals to discover and understand with pristine clarity who they are at their best and what their purpose is. It has embedded them into unchartered waters through a community project challenge that forced them to exercise that self-knowledge in order to succeed, and finally professionals return to their normal environment. Usually, however, it is this stage that sabotages their capabilities due to surrendering their leadership to circumstance.

Therefore, this last coaching session is a very important piece of the puzzle, which aims to help the participant sustain positive change for themselves and help them make an impact in their workplace on return. This is a chance to reflect on what they have learnt about themselves and how they have developed their professional and personal strengths. The professional will identify their purpose and figure out how they can maintain the positive emotions, conscious leadership and energy gained during the experience, and how they can best channel their learnings moving forward.

Leaders are encouraged to raise awareness of the experience within and outside the company. This can be in the form of a presentation to organisations back at home, to other people in development, or to people within their industry or sector. Either way, it is an opportunity to talk about their experience, raise awareness of the learnings, and to promote development awareness and the issues facing people in other parts of the world so that more people in the professional’s home country gain new insights.

This final coaching session will take place three months after the participant’s TIE placement. The purpose is to help them identify the strengths they have developed, and the positive changes identified. Here we help them increase their positive impact on others through implementing their conscious leadership and help build sustainable change within their company through increasing their spheres of influence.

We hope that anyone who gets involved with TIE stays a part of the family. We want you to keep us updated on how you’re doing and how you think you have developed. We’ll also be expecting the pleasure of your company at any live or virtual TIE events.

Get in touch to unleash the full potential of your future leaders through immersive global experiences. Let’s take things to the next level.